Batwoman star Ruby Rose on why ‘social media is terrifying’

Star of CW’s Batwoman Ruby Rose opened up on how social media had a negative effect on her mental health.

She will star as Kate Kane, Batwoman’s alter-ego, who is CW’s first out lesbian superhero to headline their own show.

The Australian model-turned-actor deleted her Twitter account last year when she received backlash for her role in Batwoman.

Fans online didn’t think Rose was “lesbian enough” to play the role because she identifies as both lesbian and gender-fluid.

On Sunday (August 4) the 33-year-old spoke at the Televisions Critics Association about her thoughts on social media.

She said: “Do I think if I were in high school right now, life would be easier? No. Social media is terrifying.

“In a way, social media is great because you can find communities; you can find people that are like yourself; you can find people who will help support you.

“At the same time, it’s a whole portal of people being able to attack you when you’re in your bedroom at home.”

Rose told Access that she felt much better about herself after turning off comments from her Instagram account.

“I got sick of posting things and then being like: ‘Oh, someone doesn’t like my shoes. Should I change my shoes? I did think the red ones were better.’

“And you start second-guessing what you’re putting out there.”

The former Orange is The New Black star also advised P!nk to do the same when the singer had her parenting skills criticised online.


Ruby Rose will play CW’s Batwoman as a Jewish and out lesbian superhero

The plot of Batwoman revolves around Kate Kane, a trained street-fighter who follows into her cousin Batman’s footsteps and saves the city of Gotham from supervillains.

Rose hopes that young people watching will be able to see themselves in Batwoman.

She said at the Television Critics Association: “I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on kids and that’s why making this show is so important…We want young people to watch this and relate to the people they’re watching on the screen and hopefully be empowered by that.”

Ruby Rose's Batwoman will be given her own series.

Ruby Rose as Batwoman. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty)

The actor also hoped that she would be the start of Batwoman’s legacy, as the character was only created in 2006 is likely to be played by other actors after her.

She said: “Who knows, when I’m 60 and I’m like: ‘Hey kids, I was Batwoman.’ They’re like ‘Whatever, Selena Gomez’s great-granddaughter is Batwoman now.’

“I’m sure that we’ll have many reincarnations, and I’m excited about that.

“But it’s definitely a legacy piece that I really think is important and that I dedicate all of my time to.”

Show runner Caroline Diers also confirmed that the character is Jewish and that while her religion isn’t a big part of the plot, it would be represented clearly in the show.

“We’re trying to find ways of incorporating that without it being a huge thing,” she said.

Batwoman will premiere 6 October on The CW.