What are the things that annoy you the most about being gay?

A popular Twitter thread asks LGBT+ people for their opinion on “Things that annoy you about being gay.”

“Every straight guy thinks you hitting on them. Ugh,” said one reply.

“That you know from experience that men are trash and then remember that you’re a men,” said another.

“The homophobia. It be ya own friends too,” another wrote.

Gays that are rude to you just because they think you want them when you’re really just being friendly,” said another user.

Some users touched on issues with coming out to family, “My stepmom giving me a speech that alluded to me going to hell for it.”

“The mind set of heteronormative behaviour that is embedded in our subconscious psyche that makes us question ourselves as gay men because we struggle with society’s ideas of what a man is and who we feel we are as gay men,” said Twitter user Chino Blac.

Others alluded to the difficulties of knowing whether your crush is gay.

“I can never assume a guy’s sexuality like heteros can. I have to hope and pray and eventually be disappointed,” said Andre’ Parker.
And others spoke of a problem that all LGBT+ people, but perhaps gay men particularly, will recognise.

“You don’t have an opinion that’s important when you’re not physically or conventionally attractive. Being the “them” means you gotta fight harder for a community that most of them could care less of what you have to say. It’s tiring,” said another user.

“The fact that homophobia kills. Holding hands in public is still straight privilege. Straight people don’t realise that even in places where gay marriage is legalised, homophobia still exists(violence, conversion therapy, discrimination…),” another user said.

“Having to rehearse how to walk, or talk just to make sure i keep my femininity in check to avoid attention or name calling… At first it was easy but its draining me T. F. Out!,” another said.