RuPaul’s Drag Race UK episode 1: Royal assent

The ever-expanding empire of RuPaul’s Drag Race conquered yet another country tonight. But was Drag Race UK a show fit for a queen?

Drag Race UK season 1 episode 1: The verdict.

How much Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent was episode one packing?

Overall: C.U.N.T.

Yes. Gawd yes.

Finally. Something that makes you proud to be British. It’s been a while.

The premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK was a throwback to the golden era of seasons past.

It was edited but not overproduced. The queens were self-deprecating without being self-conscious. They were extra but real.

Hollywood met Wiltshire and the result was a glorious hour of queers having fun, showing off clothes and setting up camp.

Drag Race is great again.

BDSM Her Majesty’s Drag Race (BBC).

Drag Race UK: First impressions: C.U.N.T.

Drag Race usually puts its strongest queen forward to open the show, since they have to single-handedly set the mood for the entire season.

Luckily Baga Chipz didn’t disappoint, starting not with a bang, but with a banger.

“Baga Chipz here. Queen of the battered sausage. And I love to be covered in Daddies Sauce.”

 The best entrance montage in herstory continued to kick out pageant for pantomime.

 “Any hole’s a goal with Cheryl Hole.”

“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s body dysmorphia.”

 “They say anything’s a dildo if you try.” “I could do with traffic cones, mate.”

We’re not in Kansas – or season 11 – anymore, Dorothy!

The b***h from Shoreditch, Crystal (BBC).

Runway: C.U.N.

Category is: Queen of your hometown. 

Category is: Queen Elizabeth realness. 

A great runway usually involves comedy or couture, and there was plenty of both.

Crystal’s high-fashion lewks dropped Victor & Rolf in East London and Her Majesty in the red light district.

While Baga expertly beehived like a stoned Amy Winehouse and a stony Elizabeth II.

But one queen combined them to slay the day.

Tonight Sum Ting Wong couldn’t put a foot – well, you get it.

But she really did hit bullseye (ok, sorry) with both runways.

A first class performance from Sum Ting Wong (BBC).

U.K. Hun? The Brit-falls.

The funny.

Michelle Visage: “You’re wearing prosthetics!”

The Vivienne: “I haven’t, this is my face!”

The money.

These girls are more than a match for their Emmy-winning counterparts across the pond.

And while we know they can’t get that same TV accolade, don’t they at least deserve the same prize money?

RuPaul conspicuously left out any mention of the usual $100k winner’s reward, instead telling the ladies they are competing for… a web series?

Look, I know the Beeb can’t match that hefty sum of money.

But drag costs dime.

It would be a shame if the stars were left thousands of pounds in debt, even after winning the damn thing.

Blu Hydrangea is worth every penny (BBC).


Lip sync, lip sink or split lip? 

Split lip.

“Welcome to the Vinegar Strokes show” is right.

She felt every beat of the song, and made us feel it too.

Camp, soulful and a double wig reveal.

New show. New rules. New chance for Vinegar Strokes.

Gothy’s Grave. 

It was the right call.

But Gothy brought proper British apathy to the mini-challenge and served Olly Alexander realness.

What’s not to love?

She also tried to bring a sports reference to the runway. It do take nerve…

Gothy Kendoll – a properly apathetic British queen (BBC).

Line of succession: Who is on their way to snatching the crown in Drag Race UK?

1st: The Vivienne.

I can’t wait to see her Kim Woodburning her way through this show.

2nd: Sum Ting Wong.


The Vivienne smashed it, but overlooking this queen was very Wong.

The name Sum Ting Wong is a reclamation of those little microagressional racist digs that people give out, and for the people who think my name is racist all I can say is ‘me so sowwy.”

3rd: Baga Chipz.

She’s “unique as f**k mate,” and off to a cracking start.

4th: Crystal.  

Crystal ball or magic 8? (BBC)

This bish deserved a top spot tonight, but at least we can get lost in those Magic 8 ball eyes.

5th: Blu Hydrangea.

Highlight: SAFE? For that coin lewk? Homophobia.

At least they can’t stop her being this season’s trade.

6th: Scaredy Kat.

11 months in to drag and clawing away the competition? I’m getting Valentina vibes.

Also, an AFAB drag queen girlfriend—the purrrfect set-up for some diversity in season two’s cast, huh Ru?

Keeping us Blu hydrated (BBC).

7th: Cheryl Hole.

That Essex runway was a hole in one.

8th: Divina De Campo.

She had fairly strong runways, but this panto queen definitely has more in store.

Essex royalty Cheryl Hole (Netflix).

9th: Vinegar Strokes.

She might be behind the other girls but getting strict with Andrew Garfield and pulling out a show-stopping lip-sync ain’t too shabby for week one.