7 reasons why you should wax your car

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Looking for a way to make your car shine? Or even keep away airborne contaminants? Waxing will be the right option for you. So why should you decide to wax your car?

Most car owners ask what benefits waxing has to their cars. Here are seven reasons why any car owner should consider car waxing.

1. Waxing Makes Your Car Shine

This one is obvious. Who would not want to have a shiny car?

After waxing, your car will have a brand new look. For a glossy shine with that new look, consider synthetic paint sealants and carnauba wax.

2. Keep Away Airborne Contaminants

With a good car wax, your car exterior will be free of any airborne contaminants.

Since materials such as bugs or even acid rain can stick on your vehicle and ultimately scratch it, you need to consider waxing it.

The wax adds an extra layer over the paint making it hard for these contaminants to embed on the paint of your car thus protecting it from scratches.

3. Easy Washing

Waxing will make your car easy to clean. Are you wondering how?

Well, the wax will make it easier to wash away the airborne contaminants when your car is being cleaned.

In fact, you will only need to wipe off your car to make it clean. That’s how easy things will get!

On the other hand, if you don’t have wax, a more thorough cleaning will be needed which may, in turn, prove to be costly.

4. Minimise Cost of Repairs and Refinishing

Although a car wax won’t get rid of the paint chips and scratches, it will fill them in.

A car wax when applied on scratches, will make them smoother and even lessen their appearance. Filling in those scratches with wax will be far less costly than repairing the car.

Waxing will also prevent the paint from being chipped since it will reduce friction between your car and debris, this means that tiny stones and rocks will simply slide off instead of damaging it when driving at high speeds.

Now, if you need to save time and money, then you should consider car waxing.

5. Remove Hard Water Spots

In most instances, no matter how hard you try getting rid of water sports on your car, they don’t seem to go away. All that elbow grease and hard work will only leave you frustrated.

An easy way to get rid of these stubborn spots is by applying wax.

Sometimes adding some sealants will go a long where in ensuring that your wax remains strong and resistant. So make your car spotless by removing hard water spots by just applying wax.

6. Repair Sun Damage

Leaving your car out in the sun for long hours will leave your car paint dull and faded.

You may ask, why should I wax my car if it is sun damaged? Well, applying wax will liven up the luster leaving your car looking great.

Repairing your car after sun damage is quite easy. All you need to do is wash your car using water (Do not add soap) and then dry the car using non-abrasive cloth and then add a rubbing compound.

However, you need to focus on the areas that are most damaged by the sun and then distribute it evenly on surrounding areas. After all that, apply a car wax to seal the compound.

7. Remove Oxidation

Sometimes, car wax can be used to remove oxidation from your car.

Oxidation of your car paint occurs when you leave your car out there without protecting it. Polishing and regularly waxing your car exterior will help you avoid costly repairs by ensuring you get rid of such oxidation.

These seven tips should help you when making that right decision to go wax your car.

There are a lot of benefits that come with it. If you are unable to carry out the waxing by yourself, then consider hiring a professional to do everything for you.

They say prevention is better than cure, now grab this opportunity and let your car stay in a constant healthy mode.

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