A definitive list of every lesbian icon for International Lesbian Day

Megan Rapinoe poses on a beach in St. Lucia for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Happy International Lesbian Day!

This is the undisputed and definitive list of every single lesbian icon, all of which are the icons of all lesbians, everywhere, at all times. Enjoy!




And Sunday IKEA trips, of course.

Sandi Toksvig.

She was the first lesbian in the UK to come out while in the public eye and was told she’d never work in telly again, and we think that’s the dictionary definition of proving someone wrong.

Robyn, ‘Dancing on My Own’.

Robyn. (Per Ole Hagen/Redferns)

Having a lot of feelings; processing.

Harry Styles.

Also: Timothée Chalamet, but it seemed too much to have two men on the list so we’ve combined them into one lesbian icon.

Short nails on ONE hand ✌.



Whatever you might think of her current politics, Ellen effectively lost her career for coming out as a lesbian on TV.



Lucy and Yak dungarees.

Are you even a lesbian if you don’t own at least one pair.

Megan Rapinoe.

Megan Rapinoe poses on a beach in St. Lucia for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Megan Rapinoe poses in St. Lucia (Ben Watts/ Sports Illustrated)

Doc Martens.

Power suits.

Cate Blanchett. (Jacopo Raule/GC Images)


King Princess.

King Princess at Lollapalooza 2019. (Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Bowl cuts.


Trans rights.

At the first London Trans Pride in 2019. (WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Deep astrology chat on the first date.

Honourable mention to Co-Star.


PinkNews reporter Lily Wakefield’s cat, Sappho, in a plaid shirt that Lily and her girlfriend bought her. They co-own the cat.

Long distance/online relationships.

Cara Delevingne’s sex bench.



Giving each other stick and pokes.

Stick and poke tattoos are a permanent life decision you can make for free without leaving the house. What better way to show your lifelong commitment to each other after just two weeks?


The L Word.


Staying friends with ex’s.