Gay man’s teeth removed after homophobic attack left them ‘beyond repair’

Cedrick Green, 23, is charged with battery over the attack that left the victim needing his teeth removed

A gay man in Wisconsin told police that a homophobic attack by three men, who beat him so severely he had to have all his teeth removed, taunted him for his sexuality before beating him up.

The man, who has not been named, had to have all of his teeth removed by doctors because his jaw was so badly broken, according to reports in The Journal Times, a local newspaper.

The attack took place in Racine, Wisconsin, when the man was confronted by three men at an intersection.

The man called police on 29 July to report the homophobic attack.

The three men mocked the man for his sexual orientation and then began punching and kicking him, causing severe injuries to his face, jaw, left arm and left knee.

The man eventually escaped, running to a petrol station where he got a lift away from the area. He had to be taken to hospital because his injuries were so intense.

His jaw was so badly damaged that all of his teeth later had to be removed, because they were damaged beyond repair.

One man, Cedrick D Green of Racine, was arrested in relation to the incident and has been charged with a hate crime for the attack, after the victim identified him from a photo lineup.

Police took him into custody in August.

According to The Journal Times, the 23-year-old Green “has been charged with felony battery causing great bodily harm as a hate crime and misdemeanor bail jumping”.

Green appeared in court on 7 October, when bail was set at $10,000/

Green has a criminal record, and will appear before a judge on 17 October.

The police report doesn’t mention any further arrests.

In June, the FBI reported that anti-LGBT+ hate crimes had increased steadily year-on-year from 2015 to 2017, with 1,130 incidents reported that year. A majority of those targeted gay men.