RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, episode 3 RuView: It’s Divina de Campo’s show now

Divina De Campo

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK returned for its third episode tonight as queens were tasked with turning crap to couture. Did it stink or deserve a Pink(News Award.)

Drag Race UK season 1 episode 3: The verdict.

How much Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent was episode three packing?

Overall: C.U.N.

The quest to confuse America continued as RuPaul opened the doors to a car boot sale and gave us all a lift.

Like last week, the challenge itself was only OK. But again, the editorial decisions and authentic queenly chemistry has solidified RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s status as an instant classic.

At this stage of the US show we’d still be struggling to learn names and aiming to spot the filler queen from the genuine player. All while they’d be singing about prescription drugs, wrestling, cheerleading and being forced to sell the latest brand of Ru-roll.

But starting with ten girls – and a strict BBC ban on advertising – has trimmed the fat and done the show a world of wonders.

Cheryl has been criticised for being a girl too loud (BBC).

It means we dive straight into the action and get to know the girls fast. Each elimination packs a real punch. Only the best challenges are kept. The judges are already our best Judies. The lip-syncs are improving, somewhat. But the real thrill is watching Ru and the queens fascinate each other.

“My creative process is A) don’t panic and 2) uh that’s a number, f****g hell.”

—Vinegar Strokes.

Mini challenge: C.U.N.

“May I call you Theresa Maypole?”

The Brits kept it classy as The Vivienne whipped out a maypole of her own and the Beeb had to blur Crystal’s bush and Sum Ting’s bum. So this is what patriotism feels like.

Runway: C.U.N.

Category is: Posh on a penny.

Divina is a star and– just like all of us with those IKEA bags – she’s putting it together slowly.

Divina Divine (BBC).

It was truly the look of the season.

Some others were praised for doing good things and some criticised for doing bad things and some praised for doing bad things (Baga) and criticised for doing good things (Cheryl).

But who really cares. It’s the Divina show now: Fun, camp and definitely not a one nightstand (I promise the IKEA jokes are stopping I don’t want you to get lost.)

Drag uni. 

In between reading Vinegar for filth, Ru found some time to dish out some sage advice to the dolls. It was mostly directed at (and ignored by) Sum Ting, but while she was there got schooled herself on some the quirkier elements of the UK scene.

“No offence.” Blu shades Ru’s gown habit (BBC).

The Vivienne: “British drag is all about performance.”

Crystal: “I see drag as a colouring box of gender… When you surprise people with a hairy chest or armpits it just f**ks them up a bit. And I like that.”

Blu Hydrangea: “Ball gowns are fun but they’ve been done to death. No offence.”

Vinegar Strokes.

“My creative process is A) don’t panic and 2) ugh that’s a number, f****g hell.”

Vinegar took a fair amount of flack the last few weeks and still came out pretty damn likeable.

RuPaul called her drag hodge-podge and as she laughed back: “Hodge-podge couture, why not?” We heard her spirit being crushed.

But it took mere seconds for her to realise the catchphrase was a cash cow ripe for the milking.

Vinegar Strokes struts her final runway (BBC).

Vinegar: “I’m going to embrace the hodge-podge.”

Blu: “You have been all competition, so.”

Vinegar: “I’ve got a costume to make, goodbye!”

Girls: “Goodbye,” “Good luck,” “Enjoy.”

Divina: “She’s so f**ked.”

Vivienne: “F**ked.”

*Whole cast of season one cackles in gay.*

Vinegar was seasoned and the perfect seasoning for season one.

She had the best entrance line in herstory.

Vinegar Strokes

Vinegar Strokes won best entrance line. (BBC)

And she’s ready to set the London underground on fire.

Line of succession and the race to win the Drag Race UK edit: Who is on their way to snatching the crown in Drag Race UK?

Who is leading the way to snatch the crown, and who is serving story? 

1st: Divina de Campo.

Edit: The loveable and talented underdog (see: Sharon Needles, Jinx Monsoon).

She is serving top competition and winning the storyline game. This type of oddball usually last until the end.

2nd: The Vivienne. 

Edit: All there on paper but pipped at the post (see: Brook Lynn Heights).

Everything she does is flawless, but RuPaul famously roots for vulnerability. Is she too pristine?

3rd: Baga Chipz. 

Edit: Comedy queen but couture killer (see: Bianca Del Rio).

She got mighty lucky the judges were still high from her star turn as the Much Bettah maid, and pretty much gave her a pass. But Baga did bag another couple of meme-able moments tonight recoiling in slo-mo horror at various interludes of shade.

Baga what? (BBC)

4th: Crystal. 

Edit: Talented and too cool for school (see: Pearl).

I’m just impressed she hasn’t walked out and also quite want to be her friend.

5th: Blu Hydrangea. 

Likeable but overlooked future All Stars winner. (see: Trixie Mattel).

Blu is the underdog I can’t help but route/root for. She has all the personality and skill to win it, but has been placing a solid safe week after week. But her career post-show will be bountiful and I bet we see her back before long.

Cheryl hit the mari-gold (BBC).

6th: Cheryl Hole. 

The dark horse that snaps halfway through a series (see: Naomi Smalls).

I could be wrong, but it feels like Cheryl is due a turning point. It’s either that or she’s about to be hit with a full-blown villain edit, which could well be Drag Race UK’s first big mistake.

7th: Sum Ting Wong

Edit: Comedy queen out too soon (see: Yuhua Hamasaki).

But I hope I’m Wong.