Harry Styles keeps his clothes in a secret vault. Yes, really

Harry Styles keeps his past outfits in a secret vault somewhere in London.

The archive, which is at an undisclosed location, has round-the-clock surveillance and Styles’ clothes can be checked on using an iPad video link.

News of this somewhat extra storage solution comes via Styles’ fashion designer, Central Saint Martins alumni and Gucci model Harris Reed.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Reed revealed that Styles keeps his outfits – including one-off designs that Reed makes for him – archived at an undisclosed location.

“I can’t say where it is located, but everything goes to an archive,  somewhere in London where I am not going to disclose,” Reed said.

“The clothes all have 24 hours surveillance, which you can look at via an iPad, specifically done for his outfits,” Reed added. “That’s also what is more surreal for me. After his first solo tour that I produced 14-15 looks for – he wore about six or seven – I was wondering where the others were and he was like, ‘Don’t worry, they are all under surveillance.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s chic.'”

Harry Styles topless with a man and woman

Harry Styles frolics with men and women in the video for his new “bisexual anthem” ‘Lights Up’. (YouTube)

Styles’ latest single, ‘Lights Up’, was released on National Coming Out Day and immediately labelled a bisexual anthem. In the video, Styles dances with people of all genders while utilising a less-is-more approach to clothes.

But he does also wear clothes in parts of the ‘Lights Up’ video – an outfit that Reed designed and made for him “literally in three days”.

The silky blue waistcoat and flared trousers resulted from three days when Reed ran around Soho like a “crazy madman”, visiting fabric shops and fitting the outfit on himself as they didn’t have time to do a fitting with Styles.

“Harry and I have very different body proportions so we were just very lucky,” Reed said. “I remember they flew to South America to shoot the video and Harry [Styles] texted me, ‘It fits! It works!’ And I was in f**king heaven. I didn’t sleep for a solid three days doing that outfit so I was thrilled.”