Not Zendaya, not Harry Styles: Inside the lives of celebrity doppelgängers

Celebrity dopplegangers

Is that Zendaya? Are you sure that isn’t Harry Styles? No, it’s different people with some uncanny similarities …this episode of Remarkably highlights some celebrity doppelgängers.

“I have gone viral on TikTok for looking like Zendaya,” content creator Jazlyn Hope says. “The most attention I get for looking like Zendaya is mainly in public. A lot of people will walk up to me and be like: ‘You look like Zendaya’.”

However, Hope gets trolled online, with some haters accusing her of “wanting” to be Spider-Man star Zendaya.

“People say I wanna be Zendaya or I try to look like her, but really I’m just being myself,” she laughs.

Elsewhere, when Nancy Middleton posted one of her earliest TikTok videos in 2020, she went viral for looking like one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. That’s right: Harry Styles.

“It took off one day when I posted one of my first videos, and it was just one person who said: ‘She looks like Harry Styles’,” Nancy says.

“From that comment, everyone was replying to it saying: ‘Yes, I can see it. I can see it’.”

Now, she often impersonates the star in her content.

“I definitely noticed it was gaining more attention when people were tagging me in videos of Harry. That’s kind of when I realised it was a little bit bigger than just me posting videos.”

Meanwhile, Priscila Beatrice has garnered the attention of “Diamonds” singer Rihanna. “Where’s the album, sis?” RiRi commented on one of the lookalike’s impersonation videos, for which she’s gathered more than two million followers.

And content creator Julianna has had her followers tell her she’s Dancing with the Stars winner Charli D’Amelio’s “twin” – ad she’s amassed more 90,000 followers.

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