Boris Johnson supporter left speechless after learning of historic anti-gay quotes live on air

LBC host James O'Brien

A supporter of Boris Johnson did not respond well after learning of his anti-gay past live on air.

Carl had called up LBC host James O’Brien to extol the virtues of the Conservative leader, claiming that “as a journalist, he always promoted gay rights” and “always toed that line against what sits well with Tories”.

O’Brien highlighted the fact that while working as a journalist, Johnson referred to gay people as “tank-topped bum boys”.

The caller was apparently unaware of the comment, responding: “I don’t know about that… in what context did he say that?”

The host patiently read quotes from Johnson’s articles attacking “Labour’s appalling agenda, encouraging the teaching of homosexuality in schools”, comparing gay weddings to three men and a dog, and mocking supporters of Peter Mandelson as “tank-topped bum boys”.

Caller brands radio host a ‘snowflake loser’ after finding out he was wrong.

The caller insisted: “But he’s voted all along as gay rights! Look at the bills he voted for!”

He continued: “I’ll have to take your word for that, is this from a Guardian thing or what? The bottom line is, nobody cares what he does, nobody cares.

“James, you’re a snowflake loser.”

LBC host James O'Brien demolished the Boris Johnson supporter

LBC host James O’Brien

The caller then hung up, effectively conceding defeat on the subject.

Boris Johnson has never apologised for comments.

Johnson has never apologised for his anti-LGBT+ remarks.

When he became prime minister, he faced a call to do so from his own party’s LGBT+ group.

Colm Howard-Lloyd, Chairman of LGBT+ Conservatives, had told PinkNews at the time: “As a journalist he used some distinctly hurtful and unhelpful language, and that has dented the confidence of many in the LGBT community. I expect him to address that at an early opportunity.”

Johnson was challenged over the quotes on multiple occasions, but has declined to apologise.

He said: “If you’re going to excavate and disinter every single quotation from the millions of words I have written, you can of course try and twist things one way or another but I have a very proud record.”