Fans think two Great British Bake Off contestants are dating and to say they’re stanning hard would be an understatement

Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird cuddling and cooking up brownies has raised the heat on Twitter. (Instagram)

Twitter detectives went into overdrive yesterday after two Great British Bake Off contestants dropped a photo of themselves cuddling up to one another.

Rumours that Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird are dating rocketed after co-star Alice Feveronia Instagrammed an image of the pair curling and aptly baking brownies yesterday.

It was, in what might be the most aggressively adorable thing ever, captioned “Bae-ke Off”.

‘How many couples can you see?’ Bake Off alums tease possibility of relationship. 

Feveronia previously put down rumours that she and Bird were dating after the pair were spied together since filming finished as well as posting pictures together.

She squashed them when she described Bird as a “brother from another mother” in an Instagram post.

But Twitter sleuths went full Coleen Rooney after Feveronia posted the story of both Chakraverty, a theatre manager, and Bird, a Durham University English student.

Which many then connected to Feveronia’s previous Instagram post, which saw the pair, Fevronia, and co-star David Atherton all cosying up.

She vaguely captioned it: “But how many couples can you see…?”

Taking the two pictures together, Twitter relished in seeing their favourite GBBO twinks together at last.

‘Henry and Michael from GBBO are maybe, probably dating and maybe I believe in love again?’

Twitter reacted to the news that their stanning dreams might have become a reality in exactly the way you’d expect. A lot of all-caps messages.

“I love them SO much I can’t even full express it LOOK AT THEM IM GONNA CRY” calmly said one user.

Another added: “Henry and Michael from GBBO are maybe, probably dating and maybe I believe in love again?”

Both Bird and Chakraverty were eliminated off this year’s show.

Bird was booted after the quarterfinals while Chakraverty became the eighth baker kicked off after experiencing a “soggy bottom”.

It’s a GBBO-specific term coined for when moisture collects at the base of cakes and pies. Nothing more, just to clarify.