Right-wing religious bigot for Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire manages to be both transphobic and racist in just 27 seconds

Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh. (Screenshot via Twitter)

A Daily Wire host has come under fire for transphobic and racist comments after comparing transgender people to “cultural appropriation”.

Matt Walsh, a frequent writer for the religious right, spoke earlier this week at the California State University Los Angeles.

The event was hosted by the Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative youth group.

The Daily Wire’s founder, Ben Shapiro, is a vocal right-wing campaigner who has consistently hit out against the trans and non-binary communities.

Trans people ‘cheapen womanhood’ and is a ‘costume’, says Daily Wire writer 

While speaking in front of a packed room, Walsh said that trans people “cheapen womanhood” and compared their existence to a “costume that a man can wear.”

He added: “If it’s cultural appropriation for a white man to dress like a black man, isn’t it all the more appropriation for a man to dress like a woman?”

He went further to claim that trans people’s very existence “ferments confusion in the minds of children,” and that trans people reduce gender to an “abstract concept that we theorise about.

“This is especially ironic considering the concern for cultural appropriation.”

Walsh then alleged that some parents “first realised that their boy is a girl because he played with dolls.

“A boy with dolls used to be ‘girly’, now you’re saying he’s literally a girl?

“If a boy who exhibits womanly characteristics is, therefore, a girl, then those gender constructs, far from being torn down, are far more potent and powerful than any conservative ever made them out to be.”

‘Why are The Daily Wire so offing obsessed with bullying trans people?’

A number of Twitter users lit into Walsh’s transphobic ands racist words:

Elizabeth couldn’t help but wonder: “Why are The Daily Wire so offing obsessed with bullying trans people?”

Trans children have emerged as lightning rods for anti-trans attitudes in recent years for, well, existing.

From playgrounds to bathrooms, the lives of trans young people have become a battleground for civil rights as well as anti-LGBT+ views.

And this is a battle Walsh has, on several occasions, inserted himself into.

Last year, he received backlash after he compared trans people to lizards.


“I am in love with my wife,” he said. “If she turned into a lizard, I would no longer be in love with her.”

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