A transgender ‘Euphoria’ fan had the sweetest interaction with Zendaya and Hunter Schafer

A trans fan of HBO’s Euphoria received the best surprise after meeting Zendaya.

The transgender girl met the star of the show and proceeded to tell her how Hunter Schafer is “an inspiration” to her.

Schafer plays transgender character Jules on the show, and Schafer herself is trans.

According to a tweet, Zendaya then Facetimed Schafer to give the fan a chance to speak to her.

“Zendaya facetimed Hunter because the girl is trans and said Hunter was an inspiration to her through Euphoria and Zendaya wanted to connect the 2 of them so she could tell Hunter herself,” the tweet said.

The video shows the fan in tears, repeating how she “has to be dreaming” and it “can’t be real”.

Schafer can be heard thanking the fan for calling and saying she’s happy to meet her.

Zendaya then takes a photo of the fan and Schafer on FaceTime, while telling the fan:

“I’m glad you came up to me.”

The video ends with Zendaya hugging the fan, saying, “You have all of our love.”

The video received more than 800,000 views on Twitter and fans were moved by the heart-warming gesture.

Interactions like this really affirm the importance of positive transgender representation in media, and how much of an impact it can have on young people.