Hunter Schafer shares her must-have tucking essential

Hunter Schafer has a special item in her toolkit that proves she’s a trans legend.

In a recent interview with GQ‘s Can’t Live Without series, The Hunger Games: A Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes star shared the things essential to her daily life. As well a plushie toy, there are watercolour paints, and a Polaroid camera – and a tucking kit.

Hunter praised the product and revealed that she always has it to hand.

“These are ‘tuck kits’ by a brand called Unclockable,” she said. “I really wanted to show [these] off today, because they are really useful for the dolls or anybody who needs to tuck.

“I have them on my rider for every photoshoot I ever do. It’s cute and it comes with detailed instructions on how to do a tuck, because nobody likes tucking.

“Beforehand, I had kind of just been winging it, with tape – sometimes even duct tape – which is not fun. This is the most comfortable option I’ve ever had and love how it’s for trans people by trans people.”

Fans applauded Schafer for speaking so openly about the product, with one saying: “Absolutely love her confidence to talk about this and the natural way in which she does it.”

Tucking is a term often used by trans women and drag performers used to describe flattening their genitalia in order to create smooth lines in clothing and affirm their gender.

Pride in Practice states that: “For many people, tucking is immensely helpful in relieving gender dysphoria and allowing them to wear clothing that affirms their gender.”

But the group also said that it can be physically uncomfortable and isn’t without risk, if done incorrectly or for prolonged periods of time.

“Prolonged tucking can result in testicular discomfort and pain, including the possibility of testicular torsion. Chafing and skin irritation are common among people who tuck, especially those using tape,” they warned.