Frozen 2 gives queer fans a new coming out anthem, and it’s even better than ‘Let it Go’

Frozen 2

After six years of waiting, Frozen 2 is finally out and it has delivered a new coming out anthem to queer fans that rivals ‘Let it Go’.

Since the first Frozen was released in 2013, queer fans have claimed Elsa as one of their own, drawing parallels between the princess being forced to suppress her powers and the coming out experience.

Many in the LGBT+ community saw ‘Let It Go’ as a coming out anthem, but now the sequel has given fans ‘Show Yourself’, a song that is “every bit gay as hell if not more so”.

The lyrics include: “I’ve never felt so certain/ All my life I’ve been torn/ But I’m here for a reason/ Could it be the reason I was born?

“I have always been so different/ Normal rules did not apply/ Is this the day/ Are you the way/ I finally find out why?”

It continues: “Show yourself/ Step into the power/ Throw yourself/ Into something new/ You are the one you’ve been waiting for/ All of my life (All of your life)/ Oh, show yourself.”

One fan wrote on Twitter: “‘Show Yourself’ is even more of a coming out anthem than ‘Let it Go’ was”. Another said the song was “just a euphemism for coming out as a hot and sexy lesbian”.

Although the queer community of Frozen fans was heartbroken when it was revealed that Frozen 2 would not give Elsa a girlfriend, there have been rumours that she may be given a female love interest in an unconfirmed third instalment of the franchise. 

Earlier this year, a Brazilian minister was mocked for saying that Elsa from Frozen turns children gay, but queer Twitter has claimed that ‘Show Yourself’ is such an undeniable LGBT+ anthem that it might have the power to do just that.

One user wrote: “You’re not born gay. You watch Frozen 2 and see Elsa riding across the seas on a water horse with her hair down singing ‘Show Yourself’ and it just happens.”