Drag Race UK fans praise Black Peppa after emotional chat about growing up queer in the Caribbean

Drag Race UK fans have applauded Black Peppa after she opened up about growing up queer in Saint Martin.

The queens took on the infamous makeover challenge this week, with the show’s Queen Team (dedicated members of the production crew who serve as support staff for the cast) each given their own drag looks and persona.

Black Peppa, who survived her second lip-sync last week, was paired with Queen Team member Fleur.

During their preparation for stomping the runway, Peppa and Fleur discussed their upbringing as queer people born into drastically different backgrounds.

Black Peppa and their partner Lucie talking about Peppa’s upbringing (BBC Three)

“It’s very very difficult to be out of the closet on the island where I’m from” said Peppa, who grew up on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

“Because Saint Martin is so small, there’s nothing you can do that goes under the radar. You find yourself having to hide and you have no support, no one on your side.”

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She explained that she couldn’t trust anyone and was outed to her parents.

“I started sneaking out the house, going to the underground gay scene, there was one gay club.

“Someone in the club was spying on me and sent my mum the video.”

Amid Fleur’s consolations, Peppa continued to describe what it was like being queer on Saint Martin

“Someone who’s gay, in the Caribbean, we don’t win. We were constantly in fear.”

“It’s really scary being in a household like that, where it is so religious, you don’t even feel worthy of living.”

(BBC Three)

Peppa described her move from the island to the UK on a university scholarship.

“After years of bullying, I decided it was time to leave. Luckily I was a nerd and got a scholarship to come to Coventry university and I studied Biomedical Science. I graduated with my masters and got a first class degree”. Talk about TALENT.

Once she moved to the UK, “a shift happened”.

“I started dressing differently, I started acting more openly… I felt so liberated. It was not like the shame label that people wanted me to feel back home,” she said.

Fans have poured out their support for Black Peppa on Twitter.


Despite the incredibly important werk room chats, not everyone was happy with this week’s episode.

Twitter has all but erupted over Dakota Schiffer sashaying away.

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