Harry Styles teases new song with magical under-the-sea video and we have so many questions

Harry Styles Adore You

Harry Styles has released a video trailer for ‘Adore You’ – set on the whimsical, magical, fictional island of Eroda.

‘Adore You’ will be released on Friday. It’s the third song on Fine Line, his much-anticipated second album, which will be released on 13 December.

Styles announced Fine Line with a cryptic tweet earlier this month.

The two minute and 42 second trailer for ‘Adore You’ takes place in Eroda – Adore spelled backwards – a (fictional) island in the sea between Belfast and Glasgow.

Such is Styles’ dedication to the whimsy, Eroda has it’s own website, visiteroda.com, listing local attractions and accommodation.

The inhabitants of Eroda are a gloomy bunch, and the island is stormy and rain swept.

In the Adore You teaser video, watched almost a million-and-a-half times since it was published on YouTube yesterday, boats are struck by lightening, children fall into the sky in gusts of wind and Harry Styles’ mega-watt smile shreds umbrellas with its power.

The burden of this powerful smile is such that Styles fills his pockets with stones from the beach and walks into the sea (could this be related to him turning down the role of Prince Eric earlier this year? Perhaps he wanted to play Ariel?) .

And then – precipitated by an unusually shiny fish that keeps leaping out of the water and landing on a rock – the video enters a magical, under-the-sea realm where psychedelic jellyfish make the shiny fish stand out from the shoal, leaving it lonely and isolated.

At one point, the fish masquerades as a hermit crab by wearing a discarded shell. But the disguise is revealed, and the fish is so bereft that it flops out of the sea on to a rock. It’s at this point that it encounters Styles, who wades towards it.

And then the words “To Be Continued…” appear in yellow on the screen and the video ends.