This straight guy’s girlfriend is seriously outraged he kissed his straight guy mates goodbye… Yes, you read that correctly

Homie love is real love. That's it. That's the tweet. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

We regret to inform you that the straights are back at it again with their fragile shenanigans and this time they’re asking the crucial question: Fellas, is it gay to kiss your homies goodnight?

In everyone’s favourite subreddit, Am I The A**hole?’, where the people decide whether someone is, indeed, an a**hole, a user came to the forum with quite the conundrum.

After the ‘kissing your homies goodnight’ meme went viral a few months back, a guy and his pals started to enact it.

To kiss your homie or not kiss your homie, that is the question. 

“Just a short peck,” he wrote, “nothing serious or anything.

“It became sort of a tradition at the end of every hang out, and we kept doing it even after the meme died because we thought it was very funny.”

Although, not everyone in the original poster’s life considered it funny.

Introducing his girlfriend to his friends, the group hung out and watched TV and grabbed food.

But when it was time for the traditional kiss goodnight, the guy’s girlfriend “was not pleased” to see her partner kiss his friends on the lips goodnight.

“I had told her that we did it before, but she had assumed I wasn’t serious and was just referencing the meme,” he wrote.

“It escalated slightly, but I really don’t think it’s that bad. I equate it to kissing a family member, but she thinks it’s really weird.

“None of us are actually gay, and there is no attraction involved whatsoever.”

So, is he the a**hole? Overwhelmingly, hundreds of reddit users jumped in to say he in no way is.

‘Homie love is legit love.’

“Stop shaming men for showing affection,” one user said.

“I hug and kiss my friends all the time. My roommate kisses me goodnight every night.

“It’s seen as fine because I present femme. But as soon as a guy does it it’s gay or not okay?

“Ridiculous. Love your f***ing friends.”

One user implored OP to talk to his partner about the situation, “somethings things just need to be laid out a little clearer.”

They added: “I don’t get why people get so angry when they see dudes showing each other affection, get that stick outta your ass and kiss ur f***ing homies.”

Another user said the OP is not an a**hole in a way that could be mistaken for a piece of romanticist poetry: “I’m in a couple of bands and we’re all pretty manly men.

“We have beards down to our stomachs. We work tough jobs. We’re electricians, tilers, plumbers, painters, tree guys, and office weenies (me).

“But we hug and tell each other to drive safe at the end of the night and never part company without a, ‘Love you, bro.’

“Homie love is legit love.

“Never let anyone shame you for it.”