Lady Gaga freaks out after new song Stupid Love leaked online and broke the internet

Lady Gaga. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

In the twelve hours since ‘Stupid Love’, the first song from Lady Gaga in two years, leaked online, fans have been in a frenzy wondering how the pop star would react.

With her new recent reputation for slyly trolling her Little Monsters, the singer sounded off in the most Gaga way possible; a terse sentence and a stock photo meme.


‘This is the case for the FBI’: Fans respond to Lady Gaga’s reaction to song leak. 

For fans who live for the specifics of life, the stock photo Gaga used is two snaps from the series: “Young girl wearing a ski mask, listening to illegal music, isolated against a white background,” according to shutterstock.

She basically called the police, in other words.

But the combination of the watermark still being there and the low-resolution has fans rising into the Astral Plane.

Especially because as much as fans revelled in the leak (before it was eventually taken down due to copyright), many expressed their unease that listening to the sample would not contribute to Gaga’s success, as well as the leak hamstringing the singer’s plan to officially launch the alleged first single from LG6.

As a result, fan’s reactions, while light-hearted, were mixed.

What do we know about LG6 so far?

We know… a few things.

Lady Gaga has yet to outwardly confirm the release date of her sixth studio album, but some fans alleged that she has been teasing her fanbase about ‘Stupid Love’ for the last three months.

Eagle-eyed users spotted Gaga playing the song on her iPhone as early as October 30, 2019.

While fan website Gaga Now reported that, tucked inside the code of the singer’s website, it appears that ‘Stupid Love’ is very much on the verge of officially dropping.

Moreover, a Greek radio station has the song scheduled for release on February 7, albeit, a “not confined” release date.

The album may also be called ‘Adele’, but this is Gaga’s words here, and who knows what’s real at this point.

In the meantime, for those who listened to the ‘Stupid Love’ leak, may you repent for your sins.