Woman escorted off tram by police after launching into homophobic rant in broad daylight

An unidentified woman claimed the 'gay community run the police force' before hurling homophobic slurs and being escorted by Australian Federal Police officers. (Screen captures via YouTube)

A woman was caught on camera launching into a homophobic tirade, claiming that the “gay community run the police” before being escorted off a delayed tram.

Commuters boarding a tram in Melbourne, carrying groceries and idly scrolling on their phones, had their journeys rattled by a woman who hurled homophobic slurs against the driver.

Carrying an Aldis grocery bag and wearing a denim vest decorated with badges and iron-on patches, including one saying ‘Police’, the woman, who has yet to be identified, was videoed yelling into the driver’s security glass.

“You are the police!” she said, before turning around and confronting the man filming of assault.

“Want to try again, honey?” she threatened, “you assaulted me on CCTV, honey.”

What happened?

Uploaded Monday, the YouTube video has the description: “Lady loses it with homophobic sluts against tram driver.”

With her rant winnowing the carriage, the woman returns to her seat surrounded by grocery bags.

She then accused the passenger filming her of assaulting her and that law enforcement will only come if somebody is physically hurt.

On the halted tram the pair exchange a heated argument as passengers dived deep into the mobile phones. She claimed she did “nothing wrong”.

However, the person filming hit back: “But you don’t have to get all homophobic on the driver.”

She retorted: “Police should only turn up if someone’s been assaulted.”

“The gay community run the police force.”

Woman launched homophobic tirade on Melbourne tram. 

The woman continued: “You’re not going to threaten me off the train.

“In the ’60s, mate, you could do whatever you want.”

As the cops arrive, the woman exclaims: “This guy assaulted me.”

“Want to talk to me outride about it?” one officer replied.

“Ask him his name, because he assaulted me,” he told officers, “he’s gay, you’re gay, you all protect each other.”

She then demanded the cops catch the name of the person filming, refusing to exit the tram carriage until then.

The woman then did one final reprieve: “He’s gay [the person filming], he’s gay [the tram driver] and you’re gay [the police officer].

“You all protect each other,” she said while being escorted off the tram, “mate, I’ve got CCTV.

“I’ll get you, you understand me?