Summer Walker accused of discriminating against HIV-positive people with crude Instagram post

Summer Walker

Summer Walker has been criticised after sharing a crude, derogatory message about HIV on her Instagram stories.

The singer took to Instagram after her laptop was stolen on a flight to LA.

She told the thief that they could “suck a fat stankin uncercumsized [sic] HIV infested d**k”.

Followers quickly called Walker out for furthering HIV stigma.

“Summer Walker out here in 2020 makin these ‘jokes’ knowin this s**t ain’t funny,” wrote one critic, a trans woman named Princess.

“We need to talk more about how we treat folks with HIV/AIDS cause a lot of y’all don’t use Google and can do better.”

Dana White, a public speaker, said that they had ‘been living with HIV since Summer Walker was 11 years old and longer than her career will last’.

A number of people pointed out that Walker is likely to have many fans who are living with HIV.

What is serophobia?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says “feeling that people deserve to get HIV because of their choices” is a prime example of HIV stigma.

When such stigmas prompt people to treat those living with HIV differently, this becomes serophobia, or HIV discrimination.

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people who are discriminated against because they are living with HIV, or because they have a relationship with somebody living with HIV.

Various organisations have put extensive work into education around HIV in recent years, but a recent survey found that misinformation about the virus is still at worrying levels.

PinkNews has contacted Summer Walker’s representatives for comment.