Disgraced former congressman Aaron Schock makes tasteless coronavirus joke

Former Republican lawmaker and Men’s Health cover star Aaron Schock once hoped to suppress LGBT+ rights one crunch at a time.

Not at all eclipsing both his dismissal for his lavish spending as an Ilinois congress-person and his years of firing down pro-LGBT+ bills, Schock came out as gay last week.

The once rising star of the Republican Party has been clamoured in controversy in the last decade, and his coming out did little to cancel out his years of voting in favour of harmful anti-LGBT+ measures.

But in his latest bout of controversy, Schock shared footage of him working out to get “Corona ready” and the sound you hear is countless eyes rolling back.

Disgraced former congressman is getting ‘corona ready’. Uh, sure. 

In Leorêver compression calf tights and a neon yellow vest, Schock was pumping iron in the West Hollywood, Los Angeles, gym Dogpound.

His back likely straining to handle the weight of all the hate crime victims he voted to have little to no protection.

Filmed by his personal trainer Saint Yeti – the beefcake celebrity trainer for the likes of Justin Bieber – Schock shared the footage and captioned it: “Staying Corona-ready with the beast, Yeti Hood.”

Aaron Schock made a career out of opposing LGBT+ rights. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty)

Schock’s post comes as the coronavirus strain COVID-19 has resulted in more than 5,000 deaths and continues to swell in a quick cascade of developments that have ratcheted up tensions to an incredible degree.

Cities in Italy have been emptied out, while residents of the Chinese province Wuhan – where the virus originated from –have food given to them by shopkeepers dangling groceries on sticks as to not get in contact with the potentially infected.

Concerts have been scrapped, museums shuttered, travel plans upended, sports seasons suspended and schools shuttered. The pandemic has sown fear in the stock market and seen citizens empty supermarkets and pharmacies for supplies.

But we, however, are glad to hear that this turmoil has provided Schcock with some much-needed fitness motivation. Get those gains, Schock!

Who is Aaron Schock?

With his middle-class, Rush belt background, Schock rose up the ranks of the Republican Party and was elected to Congress in 2008.

In 2015, office decorating doomed his political pursuits. With blood-red walls, plumes of pheasant feathers and a crystal chandelier, his lavish spending on his Capitol Hill office led to lawmakers lashing out against him and his resignation in 2015.

Disgraced politician Aaron Schock, described a religious upbringing in the rural Midwest as hampering his coming out. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Disgraced politician Aaron Schock, described a religious upbringing in the rural Midwest as hampering his coming out. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

He was eventually indicted by a federal grand jury in 2016 with 24 counts. A hefty pile which ranged from the theft of government funds to wire fraud.

Prosecutors dropped the charges in 2019, who Schock skewered in a lengthy Instagram post that they had “weaponised questions” about his personal life and “used innuendo in an attempt to case me as a person of deceptive habit and questionable character.”

It was a post that, as pointed as it was against prosecutors, was one that Schock, a man once given a “zero” score for LGBT+ rights advocacy by the Human Rights Group, came out via.

His vehement opposition to LGBT+ rights – from backing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to opposing marriage equality – meant that his announcement was not well-received by some members of the community.