George Takei uses coronavirus to make an unforgivably cringe joke about Donald Trump

George Takei

George Takei is here to add a touch of humour to the coronavirus pandemic, and resistance is futile.

Everyone’s favourite intergalactic helmsman and purveyor of dad jokes just couldn’t miss the opportunity to lighten the global mood while taking a swipe at Donald Trump on Twitter.

And he did so by harking back to the great Covfefe crisis of 2017 – a simpler, happier time.

“BREAKING: Due to massive incompetence and inexplicable delay, WHO to rename Covid-19 to Covfefe-45,” he tweeted.

It’s not his funniest moment, to be sure, but it certainly draws some much-needed attention to Donald Trump’s problematic response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past weeks and months Trump has persistently downplayed the deadly pandemic, minimising its severity and even doubting its existence. As recently as February 28 he referred to it as “a new hoax”.

George Takei isn’t a fan of the cheeto-in-chief at the best of times, and now as we face the worst of times, he’s clearly not prepared to let it stand.

He’s using his platform of 2.9 million followers to highlight the glaring problems with Trump’s response to the coronavirus.

“Tax breaks are not going to help people who have lost their income from shutdowns. Airlines can hold out longer than families. We need assistance to everyone, irrespective of job status,” Takei tweeted.

On Monday he drew attention to the inexplicable requirement that those eligible for testing must be US residents and able to speak and write in English.

Less than 24 hours after Takei raised the issue, these requirements were removed from the COVID-19 screening criteria.

“Victory! Thanks to all who raised the alarm here,” Takei tweeted, adding: “Stay vigilant, friends.”