Sam Smith says they’re ‘worried’ about their nan in touching message from coronavirus self-isolation

Sam Smith is self-isolating amid the spiralling coronavirus spread. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Sam Smith revealed they have self-isolated and are worried about their grandmother as the world’s elderly suffer heavy toll as the coronavirus spreads.

The singer, 27, posted a vlog on their social media accounts wishing their followers the best amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen countless countries grapple with the extent that governments can constrict citizen’s daily lives.

Speaking to the camera, the non-binary pop star said they’re feeling “bored s***less” and that being alone is denting their mental health but, staying resilient, they hope to record new music soon.

“Hello everyone!” Smith said.

“This is a weird, weird, weird time, oh my gosh, very, very strange.

“I’m currently in my house. I have got a bit of a headache and allergies but I think I’m alright.

“But I wanted to stay in just to be safe.

“This is a weird time. I wanted to reach out to every one of you right now, and send my love – I hope you’re OK.”

“I hope you’re mentally alright. It’s going to be challenging for anyone who gets in here a little bit, like me.”

Sam Smith is ‘worrying’ about elderly Britons, such as their grandmother. 

They added: “I just want to bring home and say how important this time right now is for all of us to remain a unit and look out for each other.

“All the older people – I’m worrying about my nan right now, I’m worrying about so many people.

“Be patient and giving, and share things – share food people!”

Smith continued: “This is going to be an odd and different few weeks. I am going to try and do as much as I can to help.

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“All I can really do – I am pretty s**t at everything else – but I can sing.

“So if I’m better in a few days I am going to play some songs and record them. And we can hopefully all have a little sing-song together.

“It would be nice, we need it, music is a beautiful thing in a time like this.”

They signed off saying: “I love you all very much.

“Please stay safe. Drink loads of water. Read. I hate reading. Do things to keep busy.

“I am going to watch TV because I’m bored s**tless!'”

Scientists are scrambling to identify a vaccine against the delicate but deadly coronavirus strain that has killed more than 8,000 and sickened 200,000.

As Britain prepares for a potential lockdown, lawmakers have implored the public to stay indoors, work from home and practise social distancing in an effort to curb the climbing rate of infection in the nation.