Pete Buttigieg proves his gay credentials by shaving his head during quarantine

In news you simply had to read 300 words on because you clicked this link, former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has shaved his head. (Screen capture via Twitter)

He dropped out of the race to unseat US president Donald Trump and then saw his life enter a lockdown as a viral pandemic paralysed the country, so Pete Buttigieg, a gay man, did what anybody would.

He grew a beard and shaved his hair. We eagerly await its return so he can dye his hair bleach blond.

Buttigieg, the former small town Indiana mayor, sported a shaved cut Tuesday during a digital interview with Georgetown University‘s Institute of Politics and Public Service.

For more than an hour, the 38-year-old rapped policy plans that define the Democratic Party against that of the Trump administration, fans were more focused on his hair.

Or lack thereof, rather.

Breaking news: Pete Buttigieg shaves hair clean off. 

Gay men up and down the country are being seized by an imperious task.

As world leaders enforce lockdown procedures in efforts to stall the accelerating spread of the coronavirus, gay men must make tough decisions, too.

Do they shave their heads, or dye their hair?

With many hair salons and barbers shuttering doors due to the service not being deemed essential, many are being forced to take the matters of their hair into their own hands.

Buttigieg, who lept into history books as the first openly gay man to run for president, has taken a more relaxed look since retiring from the race.

His look – once defined of stiff, ironed white shirts and a clean-shaven face – has been loosened as he and his husband, Chasten, isolate at their home in South Bend, Indiana.

Growing a beard last month was applauded by even the most devoted of Buttigieg fans, and it seems having shorn his hair off has courted even more.

Dad’s home, basically.

We can only begin to comprehend what the gay man who has intense Buttigieg-related fantasies and wants to call his husband “Mayor Pete” in bed has to say about the beard and shaved hair combination.