Disgraced ex-congressman Aaron Schock appears to be quarantining in Mexico with a squad of shirtless men

Aaron Schock, once rising star of the Republican Party, was pictured at a Mexican resort town, prompting outrage from LGBT+ community leaders. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images/ Instagram)

Aaron Schock has been criticised after photos emerged which appear to show him “quarantining” with a group of men at a pastel-hued, blue skies summer beach resort in Mexico.

The former house representative for Illinois appears to be hunkering down in the resort city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, according to Instagram stories and posts tagged which show him enjoying sun-splashed views, breezy dining and the abs of the men he’s staying with.

Outrage was first seeded after Mauricio Kirscher posted a photograph of Schock and his group Monday (April 13), captioning it: “Be my quarentine.”

The post, while swamped with many thirsty flame emojis and “cool shot!” comments, was pelted with queries from followers wondering why Kirscher was staying at a beach house despite lockdown measures in both the US and Mexico in place.

As one user noted: “[This is] not vacation is world emergency, damn it. Just respect.”

Kirscher responded in Spanish: “We are in a house that has a beach that is only accessible through the house, and we have had no contact from anyone from outside.”

“If my photo caused you any concern, I apologise.”

He appeared to reply to a handful of questions concerning his quarantine with this answer, almost always replying first with an emoji and then the above in a separate comment.

Mauricio Kirschner was pelted with questions as to why he appeared to be quarantining at a resort house. He apologised to many, but did not directly answer their questions and instead appeared to copy and paste his apology. (Screen captures via Instagram)

Mauricio Kirschner was questioned why he appeared to be quarantined at a beach resort house. He apologised to many users, but did not directly answer their questions and instead appeared to copy and paste his response. (Screen captures via Instagram)

“This is an old pic, right?” one user asked. “You can’t be that irresponsible.”

(Screen captures via Instagram)

(Screen captures via Instagram)

Kirschner responded to the user’s criticism with a flame emoji.

His apology did little to tamper the outrage that radiated across Twitter as further snapshots of Schock and the men spread.

Many users slammed Schock for quarantining at a resort with several other people, drinking home-made cocktails and partying among tiki torches, as the US economy is cratered and people are plunged into paranoia amid testing and ventilator shortages.

‘Wow, Aaron Schock went from homophobe to every negative stereotype about gays REAL fast.’

It appears that at least two of the men, Alec Rugo and P Druck, have been lodged in the residence since around late March or early April according to Instagram posts.

Schock, 38, came out as gay in March in a winding Instagram post that proved divisive for the community.

As a lawmaker, he had ardently opposed a number of pro-LGBT+ measures, including marriage equality and the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

This latest controversy comes after the former Men’s Health cover star was videoed in the gym for an Instagram story captioned: “Staying corona ready”.