Teen boy hands himself into police after spitting on a gay couple while yelling vile homophobic slurs

Amsterdam homophobic gay couple spat on

A teenage boy who allegedly spat at a gay couple and called them homophobic slurs in Amsterdam has turned himself in, police said.

The couple, called Daniel Schepers and Fabio Viana, were walking to their local supermarket when they were reportedly set upon by a group of teenagers.

Schepers and Viana said the boys called them “cancer gays” but fled the scene when police were called. When authorities left, two of the teenage boys allegedly returned to the scene on a scooter and spat at the couple.

Police have since said that the teenager who spat on the couple has turned himself in, Het Parool reports. He reported to police after the couple shared video footage of the incident.

The teenage boy has claimed the gay couple subjected him to anti-Muslim remarks.

When he was released, the teenager spoke to YouTuber Youness Ouaali in an interview where he alleged that Viana pushed him and that he was subjected to anti-Muslim remarks from the couple.

He insisted that he has no ill-feelings towards gay people. Meanwhile, his lawyer Anis Boumanjal has said that the video footage only shows the couple’s side of the story.

Furthermore, the lawyer said the teenager was upset by the alleged anti-Muslim comments and was “captivated by emotion and improperly expressed his anger”.

I really didn’t expect this in a country like the Netherlands.

“It is probably not an excuse but a plausible explanation for the behaviour of an underage child,” he added.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Viana expressed his shock at being targeted for his sexuality in Amsterdam.

The couple are appealing for people to donate to the Dutch Cancer Society in response to the attack.

“I really didn’t expect this in a country like the Netherlands. Maybe in my native Brazil, but not here. If nothing is done now, they can continue with their intolerance.”

He has since asked everyone who watches the video of the incident to donate to the Dutch Cancer Society.

“If every person who watched this video would donate 1 euro, we could have 800,000 euros to help people who are facing this terrible disease,” he wrote.

“If everyone who shared the video would donate 1 euro, we would have 19,000 euros. If every person who commented on this video would also donate 1 euro, we would have 18,000 euros. If every person who reacted on this video would donate 1 euro, we would have 14,000 euros.”

He urged the public to help “find a cure for cancer” and said love “can cure hate”.