A Grindr letch asked this trans guy to ‘make a d**k’ before he sent a nude. But it wasn’t quite what he was looking for

When Arthur Webber, a trans man, was asked by a Grindr user to "make" a penis, he, well, gainfully complied. (Twitter)

“C**k pic,” the terse Grindr user demanded from Arthur Webber, a trans man and Labour Party local election candidate for Paston and Walton based in Peterborough, England.

At around 1pm Sunday, Webber simply replied: “Don’t have a d**k.”

Webber is used to this question on a dating-app crammed with the countless tiled torsos of cis gay men. Yet, even he didn’t quite expect the Grindr guy to reply like this.

“Make one,” he wrote.

And, well, Webber dutifully complied.

Trans guy’s iconic response to Grindr troll goes viral. 

In a viral tweet that, we promise, is not a sponsored ad for Play-Doh, Webber’s screenshot and accompanying photo of him holding in cupped hands a plasticine model of a penis paired with an incredulous smirk has tallied thousands of likes and retweets.

“Given that Grindr is largely a hookup app dominated by cis gay men,” Webber told PinkNews, “I’ve come to expect the question.

“It doesn’t bother me, I just answer with something along similar lines and if they’re not OK with it, move on.

“However, I’d never gotten ‘make one’ before so I took it as a challenge.

“I knew I had plasticine under my bed and had to make a blue balls joke with it.”

But the hardest part of crafting a plasticine phallus for five minutes?


“He blocked me after I sent [the picture],” he added in a follow-up tweet, “so, I guess I made it out of the wrong materials.”

Perhaps wood would have been preferred?

The tweet quickly radiated across Twitter, with countless users applauding Webber’s wit and craftsmanship as well as trans users describing similar experiences, albeit, involving less plasticine.

“Weirdly I’ve had a lot of people sliding in my DMs saying that they’re interested in me,” Webber explained.

“It’s been quite flattering to be honest.

“Hope they’re not expecting more impressive sculpting because a cylinder and two spheres are about the limit of my artistic ability.”