Mum has unlikely reaction after finding her son’s OnlyFans. It’s a masterclass in parenting

A gay guy's mother stumbled onto his OnlyFans, but her reaction isn't quite what you'd first expect. (Twitter)

Picture it: You’ve just uploaded a new nude to your OnlyFans page that you charge $9.99 per month for. You’re proud of it.

That’s when your iPhone flashes and a ding echoes across the room. It’s your mother.

She’s just stumbled onto your account.

It’s a scene that’s the stuff of nightmares, but for one gay guy, a situation that would have made anyone else implode into a singularity of pure embarrassment turned out to be the biggest plot twist in human history.

Yup. All of human history, we tell you, probably.

Gay guy’s mum stumbles onto his OnlyFans, but what happens isn’t quite what you’d expect.

It starts off exactly how you’d expect, said Chris, based in Orlando, Florida, on Twitter, after his mother’s co-worker “exposed” him for having an OnlyFans account.

“She saw my photos on her son’s phone,” he explained, “and my mum confronted me.”

“Christopher Michael,” the text from the mum begins, likely causing him to shudder at the use of his full name.

“Why did Ms Jamie tell me she saw your nudes on her son’s Twitter? Are you seriously posting your nudes for money?

A stunned Chris then explains that he has an OnlyFans account and “may or may not post pictures to promote it.

“All hypothetical talk here, by there way.”

Chris is then inundated with grey message bubbles from his enraged mother, who demands a response from him, who wonders why his mum is insisting of having this “awkward conversation” over text.

We all then basically got whiplash as the conversation took a sudden left turn as the mum continues.

“You can go ahead and call me if you’d like and try to explain it but I honestly don’t care,” she said, “I was just pretending to care because Ms Jamie was in my office still.

“Chase the bag boo.

“Also I will be updating my Mother’s Day list and Birthday list and Christmas list for now on.”

Apparently, Chris was left so stunned by this that all he could fathom as a reply was: “…”

Understandable, to be fair.

Users couldn’t even believe that it was his mum 

After posting the bewildering exchange on Twitter, Chris was faced by users doubting that the person was his mum, but he curved back with the receipts.

We’re petitioning for her to become Mother of the Universe for, at the very least, the next seven billion years. That seems apt, no?

In other words, she’s not a regular mum, she’s a cool mum. Facts are facts.