Trans OnlyFans star Qtee Foxx claps back at haters: ‘There’s more to me than my genitals’

Trans OnlyFans star Qtee Foxx has hit back at haters, reminding them that there’s “a lot more to [her] than just [her] genitals.”

Qtee Foxx is based in Sweden and shares explicit videos and pictures with thousands of subscribers online on platforms like OnlyFans.

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews about her career as an adult content creator, Foxx said: “I fulfil all of your spiciest fantasies online [but] there’s a lot more to me than my genitals.

“I know that’s sometimes what you come for, but you’re also going to have to acknowledge that I’m human.” 

Foxx has suffered discrimination during her gender-affirming journey

For safety reasons, Foxx can’t reveal her real name, but her popularity online continues to rise. She now makes more money than her parents combined, which pays for the gender-affirming surgery she could previously only hope for.

But she has had several issues with the healthcare system in Sweden, despite the nation ranking in the top 20 world nations on LGBTQ+ community human rights aggregator, Equaldex.

In a letter written by a Swedish doctor in response to her bid to get hormones, she was consistently misgendered and referred to as feeling “unwell” because she did not like her hair body hair. “But the voice is still male,” the doctor wrote. 

Foxx said reading the letter was awful but she did her best to move on and “just laugh at it”. 

‘Demand to be treated with respect’

Being discriminated against is something Foxx is used to, having been “massively bullied for six to seven years”. 

Coming out and “owning” her queerness helped her to find her true self. 

Offering advice to others, she said: “You have the right to demand to be treated with respect and you don’t have to settle for anything less. 

“Demand to be treated like a queen. It’s what I do and it worked out pretty well for me.” 

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