A lesbian couple announced their engagement to the world. Weeks later, they vanished under ‘suspicious’ circumstances

Lesbian couple vanish from their home under 'suspicious' circumstances

Police have appealed for help finding a lesbian couple who vanished from their home in North Carolina.

Stephanie Mayorga and Paige Escalera, who lived together in Wilmington, North Carolina, have not been seen or heard from since April 15.

According to Oxygen, the couple had only moved in together in March, the same month that they got engaged.

Lesbian couple vanish from apartment, leaving behind dog and phone.

Escalera’s sister Stevie Jenkins raised concerns about the disappearance after discovering that “every single one” of her sister’s friends were abruptly blocked from following her on social media – with the couple’s dog and Escalera’s phone left behind in their apartment when she vanished.

She told the outlet: “It is normal for family to not hear from her, but not her closest friends. As I spoke with Stephanie’s friends, they say it isn’t normal at all that they don’t hear from Stephanie.

“I am at a loss… I was just rekindling my relationship with my sister that has not been so well for the last 10 years. For the first time in a long time I felt like I finally had her back.”

Stephanie Mayorga and Paige Escalera, have not been seen or heard from since April 15.

Wilmington Police Department has put out a call for help.

A release from the police department said: “Both family members and authorities believe the couple’s disappearance is suspicious, which is why the WPD is working closely with law enforcement agencies across North and South Carolina in an effort to locate these women and bring them home safely.”

Police are “now looking for a grey 2013 Dodge Dart registered to Escalera with a South Carolina tag”.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Wilmington Police Department at (910)-343-3609.

Families plea for help finding couple.

The families have also put out multiple appeals to find the couple.

Jenkins said: “With a heavy heart, we still have no leads on my sister.

“If I don’t answer right away, I do apologise as this is a hard time for me and my family and I’m feeling very overwhelmed. I appreciate all info, no matter how big or small, and prayers. Please don’t give up trying any thing you can think of!”