Dua Lipa is reading the emotionally devastating A Little Life and it’s giving the internet feelings – lots and lots of feelings

Dua Lipa reading Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life. (Twitter)

Dua Lipa took time out of her busy schedule of saving pop music on a weekly basis to invent the cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning, otherwise known as reading.

The “Physical” singer tweeted Wednesday photographs of herself glistening in the sun and reading Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life.

The 700-plus-page behemoth of a book follows the lives of four college friends who come to New York City with a plan – to get famous and leap out of their lower tax brackets.

And, well, do what they can to blot out the terrible traumas of their past.

Dua Lipa read A Little Life in a bikini in the sun during a global viral pandemic and some people think that’s just a little bit funny. 

Lipa, 24, threw on a multicoloured bejewelled bikini by British brand ACK to lounge around on a floral blanket and leaf through A Little Life, which she dubbed a “brilliant new book” and joked that books are, in fact, “not just a sun shield”.

We’re unsure whether Lipa owns or has heard of sunglasses, however. This is a developing story.

Anyway, and rather appropriately, Lipa reading a book that explores a character where brutal beatings and buggery were their sole forms of human contact who then flips their life to and lands in the world of the wealthy prompted a lot of, er, feelings.

Heck, even an entire television channel that somehow read a book – specifically A Little Life – praised her taste in reading.

But by far the most unexpected reaction to the musician’s post? A user who really, really wants to know what Dua Lipa’s favourite cheese is.

And, to be honest, we kind of want to know, too.