This school official thinks being LGBT+ is a choice and cites God as his source – and now he’s claiming he was ‘set up’

Bill Husfelt Florida superintendent LGBT

A Florida school superintendent thinks being LGBT+ is a “personal choice” and cited God as the source for his claim.

Bay County School Superintendent Bill Husfelt doubled down on his views at a school board meeting on Tuesday (July 14).

Husfelt had previously been asked at a Republican roundtable dinner if he thought being LGBT+ was a choice.

LGBTQ Centre of Bay County president Cindy Wilker posed the same question to Husfelt at a school board meeting on Tuesday.

“Do you believe that being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender is a personal choice?” she asked.

“You did ask me that. I said yes.”

“What evidence do you use to support that determination? What book do you use to support that determination?” Wilker asked, before listing various psychiatric, psychological and educational bodies that dispute his views.

“I’d like to know on the other hand, who are you relying on?” she asked.

He replied: “God.”

Florida school superintendent Bill Husfelt claims the question was ‘politically motivated’.

Now, instead of taking any responsibility for his views, the Florida superintendent is claiming that he was “set up”.

“She asked me ‘Do you believe a gay person…’ I can’t remember all the language, ‘Do you believe it’s a choice or are they born with it?’ I said that it’s a personal choice,” Husfelt told WMBB-TV about the question.

He said Wilker’s question was “politically motivated” and claimed it was “set up as a political pawn to try to get me to say something or do something that would cause some controversy”.

Wilker told Newsweek that it was “not a set-up”.

“He could have said ‘no comment.’ He could have said many things. He chose to invoke God as his source and authority about the nature of gender and sexuality.”

Husfelt later posted a video on Facebook to “clarify” his views.

“At yesterday’s school board meeting I was subjected to what I consider to be a politically motivated personal question and I’d like to take just a moment to clarify. I want to be as upfront and candid with you as I always am.”

He could have said many things. He chose to invoke God as his source and authority about the nature of gender and sexuality.

He said he was first asked the question by Wilker at the Republican roundtable discussion last month.

“I replied that my personal belief is that they chose to be that way.

“This person came to a recent board meeting and I responded the same way when she asked the same question.

“But here’s the proverbial rest of the story: my personal beliefs make me the man I am. Our schools should be a safe place for all children and as your superintendent this has been and will always be my goal.”

He claims he supports all students regardless of their identity and will treat all students fairly.

“The real truth is that politics can get sideways in a hurry.”