Cher asks fans if they ‘believe in life after Trump’ as Joe Biden fundraiser rakes in more than $2 million

Cher Joe Biden

Legendary singer Cher asked LGBT+ fans if they “believe in life after Trump” during a virtual queer fundraiser for Joe Biden that raked in more than $2 million.

Cher is a longtime supporter of Biden, and the widely-loved singer-songwriter took part in an LGBT+ fundraiser for the Democratic nominee on Monday (31 August), according to the Washington Blade

“Hi, it’s me,” Cher said after joining the call at the end of the 30-minute fundraiser. “Your poster girl since I was nine years old.”

The “Believe” singer said she has known Biden since 2006, when she invited herself to his office.

Cher has been a vocal supporter of Joe Biden since she first saw him giving a speech in 2006.

“He thinks he invited me but really I invited myself,” she said.

“I saw a speech Joe had given and it was love at first speech.

“So I went to his office to grill him and I asked him really pointed questions and unlike most politicians, Joe actually listened to me and cared [about] what I had to say.

“He was honest and kind and smart.”

As president, Joe will build on this progress, reversing destructive policies of the Putin, I mean, Trump administration.

She continued: “Joe is smart enough, he’s kind enough, he’s strong enough. I also know that the person, woman, man, camera, TV, in the White House is an idiot. I mean it. No, the guy is really an idiot.”

The singer lambasted Trump’s track record on LGBT+ rights, and drew attention to the trans military ban as well as his attacks on trans healthcare.

“After all this, Trump has the audacity to say he supports Americans he calls, quote, ‘the gays’. I’m surprised he doesn’t call them his ‘gay generals’,” Cher added.

The legendary singer asked fans if they ‘believe in life after Trump’.

Cher went on to praise Biden’s record on LGBT+ rights, and said: “As president, Joe will build on this progress, reversing destructive policies of the Putin, I mean, Trump administration,” she said.

“So ask yourself, do you believe in life after Trump?”

Biden also joined the fundraiser, were he promised LGBT+ supporters that he would sign the Equality Act into law within his first 100 days in office if elected in November’s presidential election.

The former vice president also thanked Cher for her support, saying: “She first supported us way back last winter when it took some guts to do so. Fortunately, guts are something Cher has in abundance.”