This grandmother had a heartwarming coming out moment after a lifetime of ‘never liking men that much’


It’s never too late to live your truth, as one adorable grandmother proved when she came out to her granddaughter on camera.

When the woman began speaking about her attraction to other women, her granddaughter promptly whipped out her phone to capture the special moment on video.

Having spent a lifetime in relationships with men, the grandmother admitted tentatively: “If I ever got involved with anybody again, it wouldn’t be a man. It would be a woman. I do like women, I like women much more than men.”

The granddaughter gently presses her for more details, asking: “But do you prefer women’s bodies?”

After a moment of brief consideration, the grandmother confirms her preference. “I think so. Well, I think boobs are nice… I think the penis, I’m not that keen on it!”

As for who exactly she’d be interested in, she already has it all figured out. “Probably about late sixties. Late sixties. I just like women anyhow… I’ve never liked men that much.”

But with the coronavirus pandemic getting in the way of the dating scene, she knows she might have to wait a while before finding love again.

“At the moment all I want to do is survive!” she laughs, a statement that’s hard not to relate to right now.

The heartwarming conversation was shared thousands of times on TikTok and Twitter, with viewers inundating the sweet old lady with loving comments.

“Well it’s confirmed, we’ve found the cutest woman in the world,” wrote the singer Jack Remmington. “Every line is more iconic than the last, and I pray she finds the gorgeous 60-something she’s spent her life longing for.”

“This is SO PURE AND LOVELY!!” wrote another on Twitter. “Wishing the best of luck, love and health to this total poppet!”