Dr. Martens UK releases Keith Haring collection: how to get them, prices and where are they on sale

Dr. Martens have teamed up with the Keith Haring Foundation for a new collection

Dr. Martens has released its new collection of shoes featuring designs by iconic gay artist Keith Haring.

The brand has teamed up with the Keith Haring Foundation for the exclusive line which features four special edition versions of the classic shoe and boot.

This includes two versions of the 1461 leather shoes, one in black with Haring’s angel design on the side and the other in white and black featuring a print of interlocking figures.

Dr. Martens classic boot has also been redesigned with a black gloss print featuring a classic Haring design, while the heel features a strip of his colourful cartoon graphic of dancing figures.

The shoes are priced at £129 each, while the boot is priced at £159 and they’re all available from the Dr. Martens x Keith Haring page on the website here.

The classic Dr. Martens boot has been redesigned with Keith Haring's artwork (Dr.Martens)

The classic Dr. Martens boot has been redesigned with Keith Haring’s artwork (Dr. Martens)

There’s also kids shoes for toddlers and juniors which sees the classic boot get redesigned with Haring’s iconic bat figure on the side and a barking dog charm on the laces. They’re priced at £65 for the toddler version and £75 for the junior version and are both available here.

Haring’s now iconic pop art designs were influenced by 1980s culture in New York and started out as graffiti on the walls of the city’s subway. After gaining public recognition he created large scale works that addressed issues including Apartheid, the crack cocaine epidemic and most famously the AIDS crisis.

Some of his most famous works include chalk outlines of figures holding up a heart, dancing and linking as well as up-close faces with three eyes, with the majority of his pieces being untitled.

I am intrigued with the shapes people choose as their symbols to create language. Haring once said. There is within all forms a basic structure, an indication of the entire object with a minimum of lines, that becomes a symbol.

The classic Dr. Martens shoe features Haring's angel design. (Dr. Martens)

The classic Dr. Martens shoe features Haring’s angel design. (Dr. Martens)

Haring was a big staple in the influential ’80s art scene in New York and was regularly photographed alongside the likes of Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono and Grace Jones, who he collaborated with.

The majority of his work advocated for safe sex and AIDS awareness which was ground breaking for its time. In 1990 Haring sadly died of AIDS-related causes but his artwork still remains influential and hugely popular today.

To shop the Dr. Martens x Keith Haring collection go to drmartens.com. 

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