Blue’s Clues declares ‘P is full of Pride’ as the iconic kids’ show teaches the next generation about acceptance

Blue's Clues & You LGBT-inclusive alphabet song, P is for Pride

Blue’s Clues declared “P is full of Pride”, with Blue coming out as an LGBT+ ally after the show released a new “Alphabet Song”.

Blue’s Clues & You is the 2019 reboot of the iconic 1996 Blue’s Clues children’s TV series, and on Thursday (11 February) it dropped its new “Alphabet Song for Kids” on YouTube.

The video accompanying the song is inclusive throughout, showing diversity of race, faith, disability and body type, but the entry for the letter P has got social media talking.

As Blue announces that P is “full of Pride”, the letter is surrounded by various LGBT+ Pride flags, including the trans, asexual, pansexual, bisexual, lesbian, intersex, genderfluid and non-binary Pride flags.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a Nickelodeon representative said that the Blue’s Clues LGBT-inclusive alphabet song has only been released on the Blue’s Clues & You YouTube channel, and has not aired on TV.

The song has the LGBT+ community taking a trip down memory lane, with one person writing on Twitter: “As a queer person whose favourite show as a little kid was Blue’s Clues, that video of the ABC Song using LGBTQ+ flags for Pride and all the fan art coming out of it is making my heart swell.”

Another said: “Seeing Blue’s Clues be an LGBTQ+ ally was such a happy view to see!”


“It fills my heart to think of how much this will matter to some kids.”

Many members of the community also said they had suspected for many years that the two female dogs Blue and Magenta are in fact a lesbian couple.

One Twitter user said: “BLUE’S CLUES IS TRENDING. Lemme REMIND Y’ALL that Magenta and Blue are both GIRLS and they are lesbians in LOVE!!!!!”

Nickelodeon has been consistently supportive of the LGBT+ community in recent years, from confirming that Spongebob is queer, to launching a search for its next child star which it wants to be a trans or non-binary actor.