Reign and Teen Wolf star Adelaide Kane comes out as bisexual in the most iconic way: ‘Spoiler alert, I’m not straight’

adelaide kane teen wolf reign bisexual

Reign and Teen Wolf star Adelaide Kane came out as bisexual during a special, emotional Valentine’s Day TikTok.

The Australian actor opened up about her sexuality in a touching video shared on TikTok.

In the video, Adelaide Kane looks around nervously and takes a couple of big breaths with the caption: “Me super nervous to come out publicly as bisexual to people in my life and on social media”.

The video then cuts to Adelaide Kane walking into the frame mouthing: “I’m not surprised,” with the caption: “My friends, family, the TikTok algorithm and my Twitch chat.”


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♬ I am not suprised by Michael bubbles – Mick Gilbert

Adelaide Kane had a long-standing role on Reign as Mary Stuart, and she played Cora Hale on MTV’s supernatural drama Teen Wolf. She also starred in the fairytale-series Once Upon a Time and horror film The Purge.

Kane’s TikTok has garnered over 154,000 likes, and many people took to the comments section to share the good news. One user wrote that Kane was “legit my bi awakening”.

Another person said: “It’s so comforting that the person responsible for my bi awakening just came out as bi.”

One TikTok user commented: “Girl we love you no matter what, but we aren’t surprised, let’s not lie, but omg so proud love you!”

Adelaide Kane also updated her nearly two million Instagram followers.

Adelaide Kane took to Instagram to share the good news, confirming: “Spoiler alert: I’m not straight”.

A Twitter user said Adelaide Kane coming out as bisexual is a “massive win for the gays“, while another agreed saying it’s “another win, we never lose”.

One person wrote Adelaide Kane coming out as bi is the “best news I’ve heard all 2021 because I had the biggest crush on her in Reign.”