Kum & Go gas station refused to put its X-rated name on a jockstrap. Instead, it went one better

Kum & Go release charity t-shirt inspired by Twitch streamer Justin Moore

With a name like Kum & Go, it was only a matter of time before the US gas station (yes, it’s a real thing) was picked up for a joke.

That’s exactly what happened when Twitch streamer Justin Moore joked about Kum & Go merch on his stream – and it’s led to a new line in Kum & Gay Rights t-shirts and tank tops now available, with proceeds going to charity.

In an ongoing joke in his stream that began late last year, Moore searched for merch from his favourite Midwestern gas station, only to find the trucker hat was out of stock. He then emailed “Dearest Kum & Go” customer service to ask for new stock and jokingly added: “Might I also suggest a Kum & Go jockstrap eventually becoming part of your merchandise collection (have you seen the excitement around the Chromatica jockstrap by Lady Gaga or the new Nike jockstraps?)!”

This was just the start. From there the exchange blossomed.

Kum & Go responded two days later that Moore’s suggestion would be passed to the sales team. He then joked about becoming a Kum & Go sponsored streamer and that an image of him and his dog should be used as the Kum & Go Twitter header image, which the gas station duly acknowledged and updated.

Then last week, Moore received a rainbow coloured “Kum & Gay Rights” t-shirt in the post from the business, which he proudly shared on social media.

What’s more, the t-shirt was added to the Kum & Go merch page along with a tank top version. From each sale $10 will go to LGBT+ charity The Trevor Project, who support suicide prevention for LGBT+ youth.

“I AM CRYING THIS IS SO AMAZING!” said Moore in a series of tweets. “This is so amazing and the money helps fund such amazing work and I’m just VERY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW.

“So many of you are posting your orders and it just warms my heart knowing donations are going to support LGBTQIA+ youth! Y’all are amazing!!!!”

The gas station even rapidly updated the website to include larger sizes after a request from  Moore’s Twitter followers. The jockstrap, however, is still yet to be confirmed.

The Kum & Gay Rights merch is available now on the Kum & Go website

In the words of Kum & Go on Twitter, “To think this all started because of a jockstrap.”