Drag Race UK pleads with fans to ‘treat queens with kindness’ after Sister Sister targeted with vile abuse

Sister Sister: a drag queen with a bright blue circle over her mouth and nose, wearing a yellow frilly dress and victory rolls in her hair

Drag Race UK is pleading with fans to “treat queens with kindness” after Sister Sister was targeted with vicious abuse on social media.

The season two star opened up about the trolling she has been subjected to on social media on Twitter on Sunday (21 February).

In a subsequent Guardian article, Sister Sister revealed that trolls cruelly mocked her appearance, while one person described in graphic detail how they would like to see her die and what they would do with her body.

The official Drag Race UK Twitter account shared a powerful message of solidarity with Sister Sister on Tuesday (23 February) and begged trolls to see the impact of their words.

The Twitter account shared a series of animated images, one bearing a quote from Sister Sister, and another that simply read: “Treat queens (and everyone else) with kindness.”

The post continued: “Words matter, be the positivity you want to see. Remember that behind all the fierceness… There is a human being.

“There’s a difference between friendly shade and being hurtful.

“Let’s lift each other up, not tear each other down.”

They added: “Drag Race UK is a Sister(sister)hood,” and told fans that they stand with the embattled queen.

Drag Race UK star Sister Sister hit out at ‘shocking’ abuse

Sister Sister was inundated with supportive messages from fellow queens and fans when she opened up about the online abuse on Sunday.

In a series of tweets, Sister Sister said the last few days had been “very tough” due to the endless stream of nasty messages from Drag Race UK fans.

“Some of the hate I have had to read about myself has been shocking and incredibly painful. I want to thank everyone who has sent love and support, it means the world to me right now,” Sister Sister wrote.

She continued: “I’m just taking a minute to process it all and exercise a little self care.”

Season one icon Cheryl Hole replied: “Doll this fan base can be so toxic. You were cast because you are a STAR! We’ve all seen it for years! I don’t want you to ever forget that cos there are loads of people that love and celebrate YOU.”

Drag Race season 12 contestant Jackie Cox replied: “It’s honestly completely out of hand at this point. Sending you love.”