Steps and Michelle Visage unleash instantly-iconic duet and the gays can’t get enough

Steps Michelle Visage

Steps’ “Heartbreak in This City” featuring Michelle Visage is the gay anthem we don’t deserve but so desperately need.

Steps and Michelle Visage skyrocketed to the top spot on iTunes after premiering “Heartbreak in This City” Thursday morning (25 February) as fans rushed to play the instant bop on a loop.

“Heartbreak in This City” marks the first time Steps have ever duetted with another artist and came about after Faye Tozer “connected quite deeply” with the Drag Race judge.

“The Strictly season had just begun and we found ourselves having a weekly chat on WhatsApp about what was going on,” Tozer told Hits Radio Pride. “We both partnered Giovanni so we had our own little stories going on, we ended up having loads and loads of fun and banter.”

Michelle Visage added: “You would have to be a fool not to want to be on a Steps track, this is like a dream come true for a little girl like me who was a popstar in the late 80s and early 90s and to have a huge group like Steps ask, you’d be an idiot not to.”

“Heartbreak in This City” debuted on Radio 2’s breakfast show which was guest-hosted by Drag Race UK judge Alan Carr.

Steps and Michelle Visage will keep the ‘girls, the gays and the theys going through lockdown’

Priyanka, the winner of season one of Canada’s Drag Race, tweeted at Visage that “Heartbreak in This City” “is fantastic”.

Writer-director James Moran said the remix answers the “eternal question” of “how can we make Steps even more fabulous”. The answer: “Get me Michelle Visage, ASAP!”

Journalist Ruth King wrote that the Steps/Visage collaboration was planned to keep the “girls, the gays and the theys going through lockdown”.


Steps thank fans for ‘Heartbreak in this City’ reaction

In a series of emotional tweets, Michelle Visage thanked fans for making the collaboration possible.

“You kids are amazing” she wrote, after the song hit the number one spot on iTunes.

Steps also thanked fans for their “incredible response” to the remix.

You can listen to Steps and Michelle Visage – “Heartbreak in This City” in full below.