Dinosaurs, scourers and Spider-Man: the funniest tweets and memes from this week’s Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK raven RuPaul

Another week has passed, which means the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer…but, most importantly, it meant that Drag Race UK came on the telly again.

And what an episode it was, especially if you’re a fan of stressful design challenges using random objects various put-upon Drag Race UK staff were forced to run around London collecting from pound shops.

They should do a spin off show about that: it’d be a bit like a gay version of The Apprentice.

Sister Sister won the “be really rude to your fellow contestants” challenge, and the prize was a 15 second head start, which she used to hoard all of the items so none of her fellow queens could use them. Tsk.

Despite that advantage she ended up sashaying away, mainly because she’d covered herself in so much stuff the Drag Race UK judges couldn’t actually see her. It was like very camp camouflage.

As usual, the episode prompted a huge flood of hilarious reactions and memes online. Here are our faves.

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People pointed out that Raven brings to mind someone a bit different in the UK.

Although Lawrence Chaney’s clever jokes won praise.

Everyone thought A’Whora had copied her look from a dilophosaurus.

Not to mention Sister Sister.

And speaking of Sister Sister, her botanical outfit came in for some (gentle) mockery.

OK, some of it wasn’t actually that gentle.

The official Drag Race UK account joined in too.

While Tayce got supportive messages from other queens.

Lawrence Cheney instantly became a meme (again).

Bimini stans came out in force too.

People did not love the choice of lip sync song, to say the least.

Same, Joe Black, same.

And finally, this tweet summed up how we’re all feeling.

When Drag Race UK ends I really will have nothing to do but die

— Curry Bradshaw (@queerdiscox) February 25, 2021

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