SNL tears down ‘demonic’ congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and her pathetic transphobia

SNL Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene and her bitter transphobia were skewered on this week’s Saturday Night Live (SNL).

‘Greene’ bragged about being Congress’ “new It girl” on SNL’s Weekend Update – not because she is popular, but because of “It, like the evil clown that preys on children”.

SNL cast member Cecily Strong played the Republican congresswoman, who was roundly criticised last week for hanging a sign claiming that there are “only two genders… trust the science” in the hallway she shares with Marie Newman, Democrat and mother to a trans daughter.

On the “Weekend Update”, the faux Greene tried to discuss why she thought her actions were necessary. She bragged that Congress calls her the “new ‘It’ girl”, not because she is popular, but because of “It, like the evil clown that preys on children”.

She also revealed her love of “si-ence”, revealing a shirt with the misspelling of “science”. She said: “I’m always talking science, OK?

“Unless that science is about climate change, coronavirus, space lasers, evolution, the metric system, the rhythm method, breastfeeding, living on Mars, Jesus’ skin colour or Santa’s skin colour – by the way, which is white.”

SNL’s Greene explained that everyone is “endowed with traditional gender roles”.

“I’m a woman so it’s my job to bully, threaten and fight my female colleagues,” she said.

“Scientists call these catfights, and it’s what girls do.”

She continued by saying she’s a “fighter” who will fight the “Democrats”, “the socialists”, “traumatised teenagers walking on the street alone” and even her hair. Greene added that the Republican party tried to “scissor” her, which SNL’s Colin Jost tried to correct to “censor”.

But ‘Greene’ argued Jost’s correction was “lesbian stuff”.

At the end of the segment, the faux Greene tried to argue that Hasbro is trying to “cancel” Mr Potato Head, after the toymaker announced it would be ditching the gender binary and changing the toy’s brand name to Potato Head.

She said the “woke, radical liberals” won’t let Mr Potato Head be “proud of his big, ol’ goddamn potato penis”.

At one point, SNL’s Greene stopped to sneeze dramatically, explaining: “When I was a little girl, I sneezed once, and no one said ‘bless you’, so a demon got in”, which honestly explains so much.