Prepare for trouble! RuPaul’s Drag Race star Symone serves Team Rocket realness

Symone as Team Rocket

Prepare for trouble as Drag Race’s Symone cosplays as Team Rocket.

The season 13 queen’s latest Instagram post sees her and artist Hunter Crenshaw dressing up as the iconic Pokémon villain duo, Jessie and James, who became fan favourites in the Pokémon anime.

“Prepare for trouble, and make it double!” the duo exclaim, joined by cat Pokémon Meowth (one of few ‘mon to ever speak).


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Symone has become known for her fashion forward looks that celebrate Black culture and is one of the frontrunners to win the show. The Insta post shows a welcome nerdy side to the queen that we love to see.

She’s by no means the first Drag Race queen to serve a Pokémon themed look, though.

After season four, Phi Phi O’Hara leaned into cosplay with a whole host of gaming themed looks, including this stunning version of Misty complete with Staryu.


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And there’s season 12 queen Rock M Sakura as the gormless fish Magikarp.

Outside of Pokémon, we’ve seen gaming looks on the Drag Race runway too. Within the last year we’ve had not one but two Mileena’s (Mortal Kombat) from Asttina Mandella in the UK and Abby OMG in the Netherlands.

Roxxxy Andrews and Trixie Mattel have also done gaming looks, like Street Fighter’s Chun-Li and Mario princess Peach respectively.

Speaking of season 13 queens, Denali assigned each of her fellow competitors a Super Smash Bros character on Twitter. As the ice skating queen, she of course chose the Ice Climbers for herself, with Gottmik as Mewtwo, Rosé as Jigglypuff, and Utica as Yoshi.

And Symone? She got Little Mac from Punch-Out in a nod to her boxing look. She’s one fierce competitor.