Alan Carr was ‘outed as gay by a oujia board’ to his mum. No, seriously

Alan Carr and Amanda Holden

Alan Carr has revealed that he was outed as gay to his mother by the ghost of a deceased family friend via a ouija board.

The Drag Race UK judge appeared with Amanda Holden on the latest episode of ITV’s DNA Journey, where celebrities trace their family histories.

Discussing ouija boards with Holden, Carr told her: “Me and my mum used to do the ouija board – don’t do that. I got outed by a ouija board.”

Holden gasped as Carr went on to describe how his father’s deceased friend may have guided the glass to out him as gay to his mother Christine.

He continued: “I was doing it with my mum, I wasn’t out yet – as if I was ever in – and she got a message from my dad’s friends called Sinbad.

“He said: ‘H-O-M-O-S-E, homosexual.’

“I went ‘Bye!’ I’m not being outed by a ghost!”


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Alan Carr admitted that his mum may have been the one trying to spell out the word “homosexual”, adding: “I think she was pushing the glass!”

Holden responded: “Maybe it was her way of trying to get you to talk about it.”

But Carr was unsure, saying: “That is quite a unique way of getting your son to come out… Satan.” He added that he was sure ouija boards “work” because theirs called his mum “a slut”.

Alan Carr is descended from a war hero

During the episode of DNA Journey, Alan Carr discovered that he was descended from a war hero who passed away in a bomb blast during the Second World War.

His ancestor, Zachariah Coles, was a First World War naval officer and later an engineer who was awarded Red Cross Medal.

After retiring from the armed forces, he became a pub landlord in 1939.

You can watch the episode here.