Alan Carr hilariously explains how he was outed by a Ouija board: ‘F**king ghost tried to out me!’

Alan Carr in a mint green shirt and white t-shirt smiling and standing in front of a yellow background.

British comedian Alan Carr has hilariously revealed how “a ghost” tried to out him as gay to his mother via the unconventional method of Ouija board.

Every queer person has a horrendous tale of how they were nearly outed to their nearest and dearest, whether that’s via a family member finding the orange Facebook on your phone, or accidentally stumbling on some unsavoury browsing history.

There aren’t many people whose coming out story involves a ghost and a Ouija board, though, unless you’re Alan Carr.

The Drag Race UK judge has revealed to fellow comedian Kathy Burke that his mum got the shock of her life when a ghost tried to send her a message about her son.

“I got outed by a Ouija board,” he revealed on the Where There’s A Will, There’s A Wake podcast, where Burke and her celebrity guests paw over how they would want their final day on earth to pan out.

Carr shared how the Ouija board “went to spell homosexual in front of my mum and I went ‘goodbye’ and I pulled the glass”.

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“So it was going ‘H, O, M, O’ and my mum went ‘homo?’… Yeah. F**king ghost tried to out me.”

Alan Carr in a floral suit
Alan Carr wants Gok Wan DJing at his wake. (BBC)

A shocked Kathy Burke could only reply with “wow”, before the pair went on to discuss how Carr would like to spend his last day alive, and what he would like to happen at his funeral.

He revealed that he would like fashion guru Gok Wan to stand by the DJ decks and conduct a wake that’s a bit more like a “’90s rave”.

Earlier this year, Carr shared how his friend, the late Paul O’Grady, had revealed his own thoughts on death.

In an Instagram tribute post following O’Grady’s death in March, Carr explained that he had once asked the Lily Savage star whether he thought he’d go to heaven after he died, to which O’Grady replied: “I hope not, I won’t know anyone.”

Alan Carr, who is often recognised as one of the most prolific LGBTQ+ comedians the UK has to offer, is currently promoting his new TV series Changing Ends, a semi-autobiographical ITV series based on his life growing up gay in Northampton in the ‘80s.