Pansexual Coronation Street star was sent pathetic messages by trolls after coming out as pansexual

Kimberly Hart-Simpson poses for a selfie in a blue vest

Former Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson has spoken out against internet trolls who sent her anti-LGBT+ comments after she came out as pansexual.

Hart-Simpson came out publicly last year on the E4 show Celebs Go Dating.

On the show, she said: “I have dated people who are male, female, transgender. We’re all on different spectrums. There are many qualities about me I would deem just as much male as female. It’s about the person, not what sex they were born. I just fancy everybody.”

In a new interview with The Sun, Hart-Simpson explained how it took her time to “come to terms “with her sexuality. 

“When I was at university, I used to get a bit drunk and change my sexual preferences on Tinder late at night. But then I’d wake up the next morning and get this fear. I was struggling to come to terms with it because we weren’t in the same position now as we were back in 2012.”

Now, she realises that she has nothing to worry about and embraces her sexuality more than ever.

“Now we have the LGBTQ+ community, but it wasn’t like that when I was growing up,” she said. “To be gay was to be different and that was hard to get your head around. Back then you would have all these thoughts such as, ‘Can I have a family?’ If I’d known then what I know now, I would never have feared a single thing.” 

Today she talks about her sexuality “very openly”.

“When you are in the arts, it isn’t as much of a shock-horror to them,” she told The Sun.

“It’s the trolls who seem to have a problem with it, even though it has nothing to do with them. People have talked about me being pansexual and asked if it means I am into pans – which is ridiculous.”