New details emerge about bisexual lead of new Life Is Strange game – including in-game romance options

Life is Strange: True Colors

New details have emerged on Life Is Strange: True Colors, the next game in the notably queer gaming series.

The game was shown at the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase digital event, where Zak Garriss – Chief Creative Officer at developer Deck Nine Games – revealed fresh information on bisexual lead character Alex Chen.

Alex is a young woman who’s just left the foster care system and reunites with her older brother. As with all Life Is Strange protagonists, she has supernatural abilities: namely, a supernatural sensitivity to the emotional states of others.

That means she can feel their emotions, giving her an empathic connection with other characters. Until now, this ability has been a curse for Alex but will feature heavily in gameplay.

The game will give more agency and freedom to the player than ever before, especially when it comes to where they go and who they interact with. Players will have control over the story and Alex’s engagement with the town’s inhabitants. 

That extends to romance in the game, something the developer is particularly proud of, saying that they’re excited about the kinds of relationships players can have. Two characters, Ryan and Steph, can become romantic interests for Alex depending on player actions.

The inclusion of Steph marks a return of the fan favourite character from Before The Storm. Her addition honours the depth and richness of the overall Life Is Strange universe, linking the games together into an anthology that collectively tells new stories of different walks of life. 

Life Is Strange: True Colors was first announced at the Square Enix Presents digital event on 18 March, alongside other games from the publisher.

The game will be released across all consoles and PC on 10 September and is available to pre-order now.

Also being released are previous titles Life Is Strange and Before The Storm in remastered form, due out this autumn.

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