Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield opens up about ‘evolving’ sexuality: ‘I had a revelation’

Abbie Chatfield admitted it's taken her a long time to come to terms with her sexuality. (@AbbieChatfield/Instagram)

The Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has said she now identifies as queer instead of bisexual after having a “revelation”.

Chatfield came out as bisexual after competing on Bachelor in Paradise in 2020, but revealed in an Instagram story that her identity continues to evolve.

Speaking on Thursday (15 April), Chatfield announced: “I no longer go as ‘bisexual’, I’m now ‘queer’.

“I had a revelation when I was with [podcaster] Rowdie Walden on the weekend so just letting you all know.”

She added: “I guess it doesn’t mean that much tangibly.

“You can call me bisexual if you want to but just letting you know I’ve evolved, so love you.”

The Australian reality star first opened up about her sexuality after in July 2020.

She wrote on Instagram after her exit from Bachelor in Paradise: “FYI I’m bi so… women also pls dm me? Can’t hit on women bc ethereal creatures and men are not enticing so leaves me very single and very horny.”

Chatfield has previously spoken about the “weird internalised homophobia” she has dealt with and imposter syndrome about being “part of the LGBT+ community.”

While she currently focuses on her podcast and social media career, Chatfield rose to fame on The Bachelor Australia, before competing on Bachelor in Paradise and winning I’m A Celebrity Australia.

Some of her fans have criticised The Bachelor for giving her a ‘villain edit’, focusing on her promiscuity and drama with the other contestants.

She recently opened up on The Briefing podcast about being bullied behind the scenes, saying she was portrayed as the villain “because they had so much footage of all the girls hating me”.

She added: “Because I was sexual and confident, that made me a bad person. Not deserving of love, disingenous… It’s like women can only be good at one thing.”

Earlier this week another Bachelor star, Colton Underwood, came out as gay.

Underwood, who was the season 23 Bachelor, said that a Catholic upbringing and hearing homophobic comments at school pushed him into the closet.