Lil Nas X trolls religious haters and says ‘getting nasty with the Devil’ is ‘a cool form of self-expression’

On the left: Lil Nas X gives Satan a lap dance. On the right: A black t-shirt which reads, 'I Love Jesus And That One Part In The 'Montero' Music Video By Lil Nas X When He Gets Nasty With The Devil Because It Was A Cool Form Of Self-Expression And Art'

If you’re looking for a new outfit to give Satan a lapdance in, Lil Nas X has you covered.

The “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer has just launched a line of T-shirts poking fun at the outrage his music video faced from religious haters with apparently nothing better to do.

From Republican governors to Lady Gaga’s bassist, not everyone was best pleased that the rapper decided to pole dance down to Hell.

The hitmaker’s latest sarcastic swipe against his conservative critics are t-shirts that: “I love Jesus and that one part in the ‘Montero’ music video by Lil Nas X when he gets nasty with the Devil because it was a cool form of self-expression and art.”

The t-shirts are all designed by Pizzaslime, an online clothing retailer that sells things such as “Elon Musk tweet pillows” to help customers “disappoint their parents“.

Alongside the “I Love Jesus” shirt, there’s also a tee that reads: “I watched the ‘Montero’ video by Lil Nas X and all I got was this lousy shirt and now I’m also gay and love Satan”.


Lil Nas X collaborated with Pizzaslime for Satan-themed tees. (Lil Nas X/Pizzaslime)

Both tees sell for $33.

This isn’t Lil Nas X’s first Satanic spin on sartorialism.

He worked together with the Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF to drop Satan Shoes – an aftermarket trainer that contained a drop of human blood – to celebrate the release of “Montero”.

A total of 666 pairs of Satan Shoes were produced, which saw the shoemakers rejig Nike Air Max 97s.

Lil Nas X's blood-filled 'Satan shoes' face product recall amid Nike lawsuit

Lil Nas X holding one of his Satan-themed shoes. (Twitter)

But MSCHF – much to the musician’s frustration – was forced to do a voluntary recall of the shoe after trainer titan Nike sued them.

Despite selling out in less than a minute, federal judges granted Nike a temporary restraining order against MSCHF. The company was made to offer refunds to those seeking to return the sneakers under the terms of a settlement.

But that seems unlikely, with the sought-for trainers now fetching for as much as – you guessed it – $6,666.66 on eBay.